Developing a Netsolution involves a process that must be followed if results are to be achieved. The actual job of developing a Netsolution begins far before development actually begins. This document covers the actual process of development only. It does not cover any of the business processes required to make a site work. We have discovered over the course of building many solutions, that a clear understanding of business processes required is of great help before development actually begins. The most effective Netsolutions are those where business processes have already been established to a large extent before the solution is implemented.

Any process of building a Netsolution goes through clearly identifiable stages.

Software Requirements Sheet
This is a simple Requirements Sheet submitted by the client mentioning clearly their current situation, the problems faced, and solutions required in as much detail as possible, along with sufficient reference material in the form of brochures, folders, advertisements, website URLs, etc.

Q & A

Normally, we have plenty of questions to ask on the basis of the Software Requirements Sheet (SRS). This process helps the client iron out the details of the site, and usually helps in the understanding of business processes too. This keeps going back and forth (usually there are atleast two iterations), until clarity is achieved in terms of understanding client requirements.

Project Plan

On reaching clarity in understanding your requirements, we will submit a Project Plan. Normally, this is submitted at no cost, as a goodwill gesture with the request that the project be handed over to STS.. However, in cases where technology studies are required, and where the process of building the Project Plan itself is complex, then we will inform you up front that there will be a payment required to be made to enable us to work on the Project Plan. The Project Plan in such cases, can be used by the client with any other solution provider also.

The Project Plan will consist of :

    Software Requirements Sheet (SRS)
    Appended Q & A

    Site Plan

    Systems Plan
    • Development Technology
    • Hosting Infrastructure
    • Compatibility standards
    Resource Requirements
    Project Development Timeline

    Cost Estimate cum Payment
    Plan cum Order Form.

On receipt of the approved Implementation Plan and the advance payments, the job of building the solution will actually begin. Normally the process of building goes through the following steps.

Netsolution Building
On receipt of the approved Project Plan and the advance payments, the job of building the solution will actually begin. Normally the process of building goes through the following steps
Project Action Meeting
This is the first meeting when the project is actually briefed internally to the people who will work on the job. Resources are allocated for the project. Normally, a Customer Support Executive will introduce himself to the client and submit a date wise timeline at this stage.
Design prototype
Depending on the complexity of the solution planned, a high level design, representing a prototype is usually drawn either on paper, or in electronic form and handed over for approval.
Design Approval
A few interface pages are built and handed over to you for approval of overall design. This design will normally consist of the Home Page of the site and one or more inside pages. Approvals will be given by the Client on a Client Review Sheet (CRS).
Stage wise Approval
Further development will happen as per the Project Timeline drawn up as part of the Project Plan and will be submitted for approvals on completion of each module.
Beta Testing
When final approval is given by the Client on the CRS, the whole solution will be integrated and beta-testing will begin.
On completion of beta-testing and fixing of bugs, if any, the site will be installed. If STS. is responsible for hosting the solution, then we will go ahead and host the site on our servers, or on servers subcontracted by us. If STS. is not responsible, then delivery of the site through any storage media, or through the Internet will be treated as completion.
On completion of a running period of 15 days, we will complete the documentation for the entire site and do the hand over.
On handing over the documentation, we will treat the project as complete and raise a bill for the estimated amount, less advances received.
Post handover maintenance

In cases where maintenance is a critical requirement, or where feature enhancement is required, then post handover maintenance will continue. In most cases, clients require minor changes after hosting. Depending on the quantum of changes, the work is treated either as a billable, or non-billable task. Normally, if the quantum is less than 3 man-hours it is treated as a non-billable task, subject to a maximum of 12 hours during the course of the year.

Once this is complete, marketing the solution to the target audiences / users can actually begin.



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